About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting Perky's Beautiful World!

I'm Paulette and my husband is Phil. We started Perky's Beautiful World in 2016 when I got interested in wire wrapping crystals and my friends were interested in wearing my creations. I thought, why don't I try selling my jewelry? And you know what, people wanted to buy what I made!

My good friend is a vendor at Mid Michigan Renaissance Festival and she asked me if I wanted to join her in her shop for the 2017 faire. So I did and I loved it! The following year I started vending at local events and borrowed a cute little building at MMRF. 2019 faire time came around and I invited her and her husband to dinner..."I'll pay!" Yeah, little did they know I had an ulterior motive, haha. I asked him if he would build me a permanent shop at faire and since he's such a nice guy he said yes. Woo hoo! And a dream was born.

We took 2020 and 2021 off from faire and returned last year, and what a year it was! After being stuck at home it was SO awesome to see our rennie friends and patrons! Then we thought, what if we did this full time? So here we are, renaissance festival vendors and owners of an online shop! I don't wrap jewelry anymore because my hands hurt but we've been concentrating on crystals and various metaphysical items, and it's going very well!

Check out my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/perkysbeautifulworld and if you have any questions you can message me there or email me at perkysbeautifulworld@yahoo.com

Have a very beautiful day, my very beautiful friends!

(We are a non smoking, pet friendly home and while the cats and dog stay off the shelves, they do go in the office where the inventory and packing materials are.)